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Sophisticated e-commerce solution

What we trying to provide, is a smart, self-study, easy to use software, for large and small business , to achieve the automation in their logistic chain, at an affordable cost.


20+ exciting features are now available.

It is never been easier!!

to print 100+ eBay shipping labels in a few minutes
Step1: Download eBay SMP file or File exchange File, all of them are csv file.
Step2: Import into Parcel tube and choose the labels you want to print.
Step3: Choose your label template and "Print", you done!!

We mark errors, and show you how to fix it

Mark as posted on eBay

After authriozed, we will able to mark item as posted on eBay for you, when you print out the label, also when you export eParcel csv or Fastway csv.

Yes,we can export Post eParcel CSV!!

With our smart eBay item management system
we can automatically export both dimension and weight of your order into Australian Post eParcel System.
Don't forget errors in the address has been filtered, you should have much less chance to get an error address

Of course we can export Fastway Fastlabel CSV!!

Not only we can export the fastlabel csv
but also we can tell you what fastway delivery zone this shipment will be so you can decide to use fastway or not
so you never have to check it one by one
It is also available in the paper label when you print for fastway pre-paid satchels

Full Complete Feature List

  • Read eBay Selling Manager Pro file
  • Ready eBay File Exchange file
  • CSV file matching
  • Australian address suburb matching with postcode
  • Incorrect address auto correction and recommendations
  • Google map hint for quick address verification
  • Send eBay buyer email to remind the incorrect address
  • Separate over-sea shipping address and Australian address
  • Separate local pickup customer
  • Recognize P.O Box address for fast way customer
  • Export to fast way fast label CSV
  • Export to Australia Post eParcel CSV
  • Export PDF A4 shipping label with multiple template
  • Print Postage Paid Stamp on the Label
  • Print SRN barcodeĀ  on the Label
  • Export Shipping label with Item ID/ custom label
  • Export Shipping label with shipping zone
  • Define item shipped by envelope or by parcel
  • Record item decimations and weight for eParcel
  • Define item shipping method for fast label


Free registration , you may start whenever you want.If you are eParcel customer or Fastway customer, you can also follow the start up guide, or , we can teach you!!


We happy to customize whatever the special functions you want to added into your account,if we think your idea is excellent, we will put it to all the customer

QUICK Support

simple drop us a email, all the problems you met should be solved within 48 hours.If you have trouble setting up your account, we can help you through remote control

Need HELP?

We are always here to help you solving problems and issues.
Please take some time to check the PARCELTUBE KNOWLEDGE, most of the questions you want to ask may already there

We can offer

Honest affordable,no, we don't bite.


450 shipments /month
Unlimited eBay Stores
Unlimited Web Stores
A4 Label Print
Fastway FastLabel
eParcel Direct
Always Phone Support
10c each Additional




Unlimited Access
Unlimited eBay Stores
Unlimited Web Stores
A4/Label Printer Label
No Courier Support
Always Phone Support
5c each Additional




Unlimited Access
Unlimited eBay Stores
Unlimited Web Stores
A4/Label Printer Label
Single Courier
eParcel / Fastway
Always Phone Support
5c each Additional




Unlimited Access
Unlimited eBay Stores
Unlimited Web Stores
A4/Label Printer Label
Multiple Couriers
eParcel / Fastway
Hunter / Toll
5c each Additional



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Thank you for your trust on the parcel tube, we will answer your question promptly, I believe most of the problems you met will be solved within 48 hours. Should you have any questions or recommendation ,please contact us. You are always welcome.

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